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Revolutionizing Resource Discovery: Bridging Terrestrial and Extraterrestrial Exploration through Advanced 3D Geophysical Imaging

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SpeakerGerrit Olivier, Chief Scientist, Fleet Space Technologies

In an era marked by an escalating demand for critical minerals like copper, lithium, nickel, and cobalt, driven by the global transition towards renewable energy, the traditional methodologies of mineral exploration are experiencing a decline in success rates. This predicament not only poses a significant challenge but also opens up unparalleled opportunities for innovation and growth on both commercial and scientific fronts. In my presentation, I will introduce Fleet's groundbreaking approach in redefining resource discovery through the implementation of Ambient Seismic Noise Tomography, augmented by state-of-the-art edge processing and direct-to-satellite IoT connectivity. I am proud to reveal the development and deployment of the world's first real-time, scalable 3D imaging technology, meticulously designed for the mineral exploration sector.

Fleet's evolution from an initial concept to being recognized as Australia's fastest-growing company in 2023 in less than two years encapsulates a journey through numerous technological milestones and commercial successes. This talk will cover the significant technical obstacles we have overcome, our notable commercial and technical achievements, and our strategy for integrating multi-physics and machine learning to further boost discovery rates.

Furthermore, I will illustrate how these terrestrial technological advancements are laying the groundwork for the exploration of extraterrestrial resources. Our endeavors in identifying water ice and other essential resources on the Moon and Mars are not only vital for the future of space exploration but also highlight the symbiotic relationship between our terrestrial projects and our ambition to support a multi-planetary existence for humanity.

This seminar is designed to captivate and inspire attendees from the fields of mineral and space exploration, as well as those involved in geophysics, seismology, and engineering, by demonstrating the convergence of scientific rigor and commercial viability in the pursuit of resources on Earth and beyond.   

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