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Rise Up for Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders exhibit

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In response to the precipitous increase in Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) hate crimes throughout the United States, the staff of Stanford Libraries created the Rise Up for AAPI exhibit which focuses on the history of systemic racism against the AAPI community. The aim of this exhibit is to help educate our community and provide support and resources so that we can start the process of healing and prevent future incidents. In this exhibit, we discuss past events that have led to these reprehensible acts, including institutionalized policies that have pitted minority groups in our country against each other to weaken the other’s influence.

We hope that through education, our community at large can rise to action against racism at all levels of our society. From the nuanced exclusions on the playground and in the workplace, to the blatant disregard for human life demonstrated in the murders of Asian American women in Atlanta and the brutal attacks on elderly AAPI community members in California and New York—we must all take an active stand against the scourge that racism is to humanity.

Currently, this exhibit is only available online. You can access the online exhibit at

Stanford Libraries stands with the AAPI community and denounces all hate crimes, including the recent surge in hate crimes specifically targeted at the AAPI community. We hope you will join our efforts to learn about the history of violence against the AAPI community so that we can prevent history from repeating itself.

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