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Ritual for Black Levity & Auspicious Attention

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Ritual for Black Levity & Auspicious Attention

Thursday, October 6, 2022
5pm PT

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Black Community Services Center (418 Santa Teresa Street)

Free and Open to All

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Event Details:

In this offering brontë velez (Creative Director of Lead to Life and Ecological Educator for Weaving Earth) will guide participants through a practice in listening to bird language and cultivating pattern recognition. In this interactive ritual session, we will build an altar to protect levity and engage in practices that meditate on re-belonging ourselves to the earth and the birds as our kin. How can we offer our awareness to the miracle of their song, flight, connection, plumage, etc. to inform our own connection to levity?

The intention for this listening/noticing ritual is to care for practices that regenerate intuition, enchantment, eco-social repair, and attention liberation (adrienne maree brown).