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Seismic Risk Management of Complex Road Networks: Optimization methods and community impact metrics

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Rodrigo Silva-Lopez, PhD candidate in Civil and Environmental Engineering, will be presenting his doctoral dissertation defense.

Road networks are critical infrastructure systems that allow individuals of a community to fulfill their essential needs. Retrofitting bridges has proven to be an effective strategy to decrease the probability of their being damaged during an earthquake. Proposing effective seismic retrofitting strategies imposes several challenges as the cost involved in this process can be significant, and these systems are complex and distributed along large regions. Motivated by these challenges, this dissertation presents effective and computationally efficient retrofitting strategies that can assist decision-makers in mitigating the impacts of road network disruption.

In addition to these strategies, the research presented here introduces different metrics to quantify the impact of road network disruption, enabling the exploration of efficient and equitable seismic risk management of road networks. Finally, to further illustrate the ability of optimization techniques and the proposed impact metrics, this work develops a multiobjective optimization, which can detect alternative and equivalent strategies to optimizations based on merely the effort to minimize traffic disruption.