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SFI Seminar: Decarbonizing the Built Environment – A “Value versus Cost” Proposition

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Are you interested in learning about innovative policy and financial mechanisms designed to rapidly decarbonize the global economy? Join SFI’s monthly seminar on the third or fourth Thursday of the month to meet researchers working in this space and learn more about their ongoing research projects.

We may have heard about the real estate agents’ mantra: the value of a property is dependent on three factors: location, location, location. Climate change has certainly brought a whole new dimension to this simplistic but broadly held view.

On Thursday, March 23, this lecture by Lam Khee Poh, Provost's Chair Professor of Architecture and the Built Environment at the National University of Singapore's College of Design and Engineering, will briefly introduce the carbon narrative from the supply and demand side pertaining to the built environment. The value versus cost proposition will then be discussed through case studies of a net-positive energy new building and a net-zero energy retrofit building in the National University of Singapore campus.

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Since this event takes place during Winter Quarter finals, it will be recorded and the recording will posted on Stanford Energy's YouTube channel.

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