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SFI Seminar: Building Trust in Multi-Party Governance by Crypto Approach

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The Sustainable Finance and Investment Seminar (CEE 157/257), led by Soh Young In, is a 1-unit course which aims to equip the Stanford community with the knowledge and networks required to undertake significant future work on sustainable finance and investment. The course is open to students, faculty, and staff in the Stanford community. CEE 157/257 meets every Friday from 8:30 - 9:20 am PST (with noted exceptions, including this week) during fall quarter (Remote: Synchronous). Students may enroll for credit.

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The success of the blockchain in finance reveals the significant business potential of using the crypto-based system to restructure the economy. Beyond enabling digital currency, a variety of decentralized financial models have been developed on the basis of the blockchain. Those models rely on the trust built upon the crypto algorithms, which blocked the possible evil strategies that can destroy the collaboration.

In global and domestic governance, a sequence of collaborations is blocked by the lack of trust between nations, companies, governments, and the public. The cryptosystem design is able to build the trust that collaborative governance asks for.

On Thursday, November 10, Prof. Yang Yu, Assistant Professor, Institute for Interdisciplinary Information Sciences at Tsinghua University, will first explain how the asymmetric crypto system enables trust between multiple parties. Then, an example of using a crypto commitment to promote international collaboration on carbon auditing will be introduced. Finally, Prof. Yu will also brief how the crypto system can reshape our thought about the relationship between environmental governance and finance.

Recommended reading:

Li, Chenxing, Yang Yu, Andrew Chi-Chih Yao, Da Zhang, and Xiliang Zhang. "An authenticated and secure accounting system for international emissions trading." Climate Policy (2022): 1-10.

Open to all students, faculty and staff in the Stanford community. RSVP for fall quarter Zoom access (Registration required. Please use your Stanford email address.)