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Smart Grid Seminar: On the Integration of Hydrogen into Hybrid Energy Systems: Reliability Assessment, Optimal Operation and Planning

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The growing focus on hydrogen as a promising energy carrier has been pivotal in the pursuit of net-zero emissions within integrated energy systems. As part of this endeavor, extensive research has been conducted to delve into the reliability aspects of power-gas integrated energy systems. Additionally, our study looks at optimizing operations by incorporating hydrogen into these systems, addressing critical constraints and uncertainties pertaining to energy flow. Finally, the development of a sophisticated coordinated planning model tailored specifically for power-gas-hydrogen integrated energy systems is discussed. These comprehensive models aim to enhance the efficiency of energy integration and contribute to sustainability and the overarching goal of cost-effectiveness in the evolution of energy infrastructure.



Dr. Jianhui Wang is a Professor with the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Southern Methodist University. His research interests include smart grid, microgrids, power system operation and control, renewable integration, grid resilience and cybersecurity. Dr. Wang is the past Editor-in- Chief of IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid and an IEEE PES Distinguished Lecturer. He is a Fellow of IEEE.