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Special Seminar: Nations agree to Sharm El-Sheik Implementation Plan, highlights of COP27

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Please join us for a special webinar

Nations agree to Sharm El-Sheik Implementation Plan
summary highlights of COP27

Speaker: Arthur Lee, Chevron Fellow and Principal Advisor
Day/Time: January 30, 12:00-1:00 pm (Pacific)
Location: Zoom Virtual Meeting, Registration Required (see link below)

About This Webinar
What is the COP? What is the UNFCCC? Why do nations meet every year? I had these same questions when I first walked into COP5 Bonn in 1999. What was the Glasgow Climate Pact? How is that different from the Paris Agreement? What happened at COP27 Sharm El-Sheik? These are the continuing questions someone might ask now. Arthur Lee will address these questions in this webinar and share not only his recent observations at COP27, the several key decisions made by the over 183 nations, but also the historical context over twenty-plus years of hisobservations.

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