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StorageX Group Meeting

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StorageX Group Meeting
Thursday, March 2, 12:15-1:15pm, (20:15-21:15 GMT)

Y2E2 299 and via Zoom

StorageX is pleased to be kicking off its monthly StorageX group meetings.  The objective of these group meetings is to create an opportunity for sharing research updates, sharing of ideas, and for informal social exchange of the StorageX ecosystem, analogous to a research group meeting. 

We invite the students, researchers and faculty of the StorageX Seed fund awards to attend and give a semi-annual update on their research. The meetings are held hybrid. Lunch is provided.

Weiyu Li, Ph.D. student, Stanford University
"Mitigation of lithium dendrite growth in Li-metal batteries and all-solid-state batteries"

Kristen Nicole Abels, Ph.D. student, Stanford University
"Developing Polymeric Membrane Materials for Precision Lithium Separations to Circularize Battery Manufacturing"

Registration is free and open to all.