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Stanford University Mass Spectrometry's 2022 Research Applications Symposium, Mass Spec: The Voyage Home, will transport scientists from around the world for a virtual visit with Stanford's mass spectrometry community, sharing our exciting campus research and resources featuring these speakers:

  • Dr. Yuqin Dai, Director, ChEM-H Metabolomics Knowledge Center, Stanford University

  • Dr. Ruth Huttenhain, Incoming Assistant Professor, Dept. of Molecular & Cellular Physiology, Stanford University

  • Dr. Christie Jilly-Rehak, Research Scientist/Lab Manager, SHRIMP-RG Lab, Stanford University

  • Dr. Chris Lock, Clinical Associate Professor, Dept. of Neurology & Neurological Sciences, Stanford University 

  • Dr. Parag Mallick, Associate Professor, Dept. of Radiology, Stanford University

  • Dr. Sharon Pitteri, Associate Professor, Dept. of Radiology, Stanford University

  • Dr. Karrie Weaver, Technical Director, SIGMA Lab Facility, Stanford University

  • Dr. Shouling Xu, Research Scientist, Plant Biology, Carnegie Institution for Science

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