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Tabletop Tuesdays: Gaming while Indigenous

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This session will feature Weyodi OldBear, Comanche writer and storyteller, who will talk about her experience with building new worlds in the development of Coyote & Crow, as well as the importance of gaming in thinking about Indigenous Futurism.

Coyote & Crow is a sci-fi and fantasy roleplaying game set in an alternate future. Developed and led by a team of Natives from all over North America, this game envisions a world where colonization never happened and Indigenous nations rose to future prominence.

Tabletop Tuesdays is an event series held on the third Tuesday of each month. At these events, we feature a selection of board games and collection items from across SUL's holdings around a specific theme. Drop in to learn about the month's featured game(s) and/or try some of the board games we have for open play at the Silicon Valley Archives.

Image: Amelie Hutt/Coyote & Crow. 

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