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Tabletop Tuesdays: Delightful Dragons: Examining “Cozy” Games

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The “dragon” of many games and RPGs is a mighty foe to be vanquished, an enemy that determines the course of the plot and whose defeat becomes the source of rewards. Sometimes this dragon is a vicious or mindless animal, at other times a devious intelligence. It can also be, in the heartbreaking game That Dragon, Cancer, a metaphor for an entirely different kind of struggle.

But what if… it doesn't have to be this way? What if dragons can be gentle and friendly?

Join us as we explore the genre of “cozy” games, a genre of low-stakes life-simulator games that often feature idyllic scenery and anthropomorphized animals. We’ll discuss the roots and growing popularity of this genre in both video and board games, before we dive into the fantastical worlds of artisan dragons created by the designers of Tea Dragon Society Card Game and Flamecraft.

Tabletop Tuesdays is an event series held on the third Tuesday of each month. At these events, we feature a selection of board games and collection items from across SUL's holdings around a specific theme. Drop in to learn about the month's featured game(s) and/or try some of the board games we have for open play at the Silicon Valley Archives.

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