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Talking to Family* About Mental Health

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Have you ever wanted to communicate to your family* about your mental health but didn't know how?

Have you had the experience of being dismissed for expressing your struggles with mental and emotional wellbeing to your family?

Are you having difficulties navigating cultural differences in understanding mental health?

Please join us at the first iLive event this quarter Talking to Family* about Mental Health with Dr. Sujata Patel and Dr. Oliver Lin about effective strategies on how to communicate about mental health to our family*.

Anyone is welcome, regardless of self-identification.

*For the purposes of the event, "family" will be broadly defined as any person(s) who plays a significant role in an individual's life.

The A3C iLive series aims to dispel misconceptions, increase awareness, and encourage dialogue about health and well-being topics relevant to Asian Americans, as well as to introduce students to resources on campus.