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The Changing Face of Antisemitism - Live with Francesca Trivellato

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Antisemitism is an old problem with roots that reach back to medieval Europe. While earlier forms focused more on religious bigotry, antisemitism in the modern period became increasingly racialized and politicized. So what is the connection between older ideas about Jews and Judaism, and contemporary antisemitic tropes and stereotypes? How are conspiratorial fears about Jewish invisibility and global control related to the emergence of finance capitalism? And what can history teach us about how to confront antisemitism today?

Join us for a live taping of a brand-new episode of Philosophy Talk with special guest Francesca Trivellato from the Institute for Advanced Study, author of The Promise and Peril of Credit and co-editor with Jonathan Karp of Jews in Early Modern Europe (forthcoming). In addition to thought provoking conversation and audience questions, the show will feature Roving Philosophical Reporter Holly J. McDede, satirist and Sixty-Second Philosopher Ian Shoales, and musical guest Rob Reich.

This event is presented by Philosophy Talk.