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Four L.A.S.E.R. talks: Impossible Objects, Visual Art of Literary Classics, New paradigms for design, and Galactic Scale Inquiries into the Nature of the Cosmos

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Event Details:

This evening will feature four presentations:

* Kim Anno (California College of the Arts) on "Spectacle of Nature and Iconic Western texts"

* Kokichi Sugihara (Meiji University, live from Japan) on "How to Make Impossible Objects"

* Virj Kan (Design Scientist) on "New paradigms for design"

* Kal Spelletich (Machine Artist) on "Galactic Scale Inquiries into the Nature of the Cosmos"

Attend in person or register here to attend remotely:

Kim Anno is a painter, photographer, and film/video artist whose work has been collected and exhibited by museums nationally and internationally. She is currently  the Holt Resident Artist at Stanford University.


Kokichi Sugihara is a Meiji University distinguished professor emeritus. His research area is mathematical engineering. In his research on computer vision, he found a method for constructing 3D objects from “impossible figures”, and extended his research interest to human vision and optical illusion.


Virj Kan is a designer, engineer, media artist, and entrepreneur. Her work investigates new paradigms for design, through transdisciplinary research and technology development.


Kal Spelletich has been a pivotal figure in the machine art and robotics community for over 30 years.


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The LASERs (Leonardo Art Science Evening Rendezvous), chaired by cultural historian Piero Scaruffi, are an international program of evening gatherings that bring together artists, scientists, inventors and scholars in a variety of disciplines for informal presentations and conversation with an audience.

Visit this website for more information:

"The Stanford LASERs are co-sponsored by the deans of Humanities and Sciences, Engineering and Medicine"

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