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"Three L.A.S.E.R. talks: Quantum Steampunk, Biofutures, Multi-sensory Art"

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Event Details:

This evening will feature three presentations:

* Nicole Yunger Halpern (Joint Institute for Quantum Information and Computer Science, University of Maryland) on "Quantum Steampunk: The Physics of Yesterday's Tomorrow"

* Katia Zolotovsky (RISD) (RISD) on "Spatial design with Engineered Living Materials"

* Betty Sargeant (Media Artist) on "The Art of Collaboration: Decolonising digital landscapes"

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Nicole Yunger Halpern is a theoretical physicist at the Joint Center for Quantum Information and Computer Science at the University of Maryland and the author of the book "Quantum Steampunk: The Physics of Yesterday's Tomorrow". Nicole has written over 100 articles for the blog Quantum Frontiers and suspects that a copy of her is a novelist in some parallel universe.

Katia Zolotovsky, Assistant Professor at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), is an architect, biologist and bio-designer drawing from new technologies, synthetic biology, and materials science to further sustainable innovation with materials. She designs things on multiple scales: buildings and interiors as an architect, but also biomaterials and 3D-printed materials, and even designed bacteria engineered on the nanoscale.

Betty Sargeant is a media artist based in Australia who creates multi-sensory installations with a focus on disappearing the interface.  She is co-creative director and artist with the art-technology duo PluginHUMAN.

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The LASERs (Leonardo Art Science Evening Rendezvous), chaired by cultural historian Piero Scaruffi, are an international program of evening gatherings that bring together artists, scientists, inventors and scholars in a variety of disciplines for informal presentations and conversation with an audience.

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The Stanford LASERs are co-sponsored by the deans of Humanities and Sciences, Engineering and Medicine