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TomKat Center Summer 2023 Innovation Showcase

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Event Details:

Join us for a one-hour webinar featuring three of our Innovation Transfer teams. They will talk about the sustainable energy problems they are tackling, the technologies underpinning their solutions, and new developments for their products.


 August 23, 2023 @ 4pm Pacific

Register and attend through Zoom

Presentations from:

Amit Bharti,

CtrlZ is working towards a Gigaton scale carbon removal & storage solution.

Peter Westbrook & Esteban Herrera-Vendrell, 

Fundusol is working to reduce the burdens facing American farmers through a data-driven approach to Agrivoltaics – the co-location of crops and solar panels.

Lizzy Kolar, 
Scope Zero

Scope Zero is a fintech platform that facilitates our new employee benefit called a “carbon savings account” that reduces employees’ CO2 footprints and boosts corporate sustainability goals.

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