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Celebrating the Tompkins Archives

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Celebrating the Tompkins Archives

Monday, April 22, 2024
4:30pm to 7:30pm PT

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Traitel Building
435 Lasuen Mall, Stanford, CA 94305
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Free and open to the public

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Event Details:

Stanford University Libraries is delighted to invite you to an event on Earth Day, April 22, to celebrate three wonderful additions to our Sustainability collections, the archives of Tompkins Conservation, Doug Tompkins, and Kris Tompkins.

Join us as we hear from Kris Tompkins, the Cofounder and President of Tompkins Conservation, as well as leadership from Rewilding Chile and Rewilding Argentina, and Stanford staff and faculty to learn more about their important efforts and how these archives will be used at Stanford and beyond.

Registration is required to attend. The event is free and open to the public.


Doug and Kris Tompkins are considered to be two of the most successful conservation philanthropists in history. Through their efforts and that of Tompkins Conservation, approximately 14.8 million acres of parklands in Chile and Argentina have been protected, helping to restore native habitats and wildlife. They helped to create or expand 15 national parks, 2 marine national parks, underwrote 32 rewilding, conservation and monitoring projects, and supported 10 community-based projects. The organization has reintroduced native species, promoted regenerative agriculture, and positioned national parks as economic engines for the local communities. Through offspring organizations—Rewilding Chile and Rewilding Argentina—the work continues today.
The archives of Tompkins Conservation and the personal papers of Doug Tompkins and Kris Tompkins will come to Stanford University Libraries providing researchers and students access to firsthand documentation on national park creation, environmental policy, conservation, rewilding, philanthropy, and environmental activism. The collection will consist of primary and secondary resources for research and scholarship providing first-hand documentation on national park creation, environmental policy, international environmental activism, and organizational activities required to work across governmental and private entities. Due to the activities of the organization in Chile and Argentina, this archive will be relevant to researchers across Stanford and in the broader academic community studying ecology, biodiversity, agriculture, environmental and international policy, social justice, land management, and economics.

Learn more about Tompkins Conservation by watching this short video.