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Restricted to: Stanford Affiliates

Event Details:

Join Andria Olson of Esri’s ArcGIS StoryMaps Editorial Team for an introduction to ArcGIS StoryMaps, a digital storytelling tool that enhances your narrative using multimedia and custom maps. Co-hosted by the David Rumsey Map Center (DRMC) and Stanford Geospatial Center (SGC) at Stanford Libraries, this session will include hands-on skill building with a focus on utilizing resources available through Stanford Libraries.

This event is tailored specifically for Stanford affiliates, offering a unique opportunity to explore the dynamic capabilities of StoryMaps and the broader Esri suite of Cloud GIS and Data services.


Why Attend?

Esri StoryMaps provides an unparalleled platform for researchers and scholars across all disciplines, from History and Earth Sciences to Public Health. It’s not just about maps; it’s about telling your story, your research, in a compelling, visually engaging way. With Stanford users having instant access to this powerful tool, there’s no better time to learn how to leverage it for your research communication.


What You’ll Learn:

  • Instant Access for Stanford Users: Discover how to access and make the most of the Esri suite, including StoryMaps, as a Stanford affiliate.
  • Easy-to-Use, Impactful Narratives: Understand how StoryMaps' user-friendly interface can help you create stunning narrative websites with minimal effort.
  • Maps and More: Learn to integrate various map-based elements like Map Tours, interactive maps, and map-based slideshows to enrich your storytelling.
  • Cross-Disciplinary Applications: See how StoryMaps can be effectively used in diverse fields, enhancing the way research findings are communicated and understood.


Who Should Attend?

This workshop is ideal for Stanford researchers, faculty, and students across all disciplines who are keen to explore innovative ways to communicate their research. No prior experience with GIS or StoryMaps is required.

Spaces are limited, so secure your spot today and start your journey into the captivating world of storytelling with Esri StoryMaps!

Remember, in the realm of research and academia, a map is worth a thousand data points. Let’s map out your story together! 🌍✨


Please come prepared with the following:

  • Laptop
  • An active Stanford SUNetID

Special Demonstration: Georeferencing Historical Maps with for StoryMaps Integration

In this workshop, we'll also feature a demonstration on georeferencing IIIF-based online scanned historical maps using This process breathes new life into old maps, transforming them into interactive layers that can be seamlessly integrated into your StoryMaps. Discover how you can overlay historical maps onto current geospatial data, providing a unique temporal perspective to your storytelling. This technique is not only fascinating for historians and cartographers but is also incredibly valuable for researchers in various fields who wish to incorporate a historical dimension into their spatial analysis. Witness firsthand how the past and present can converge in your StoryMaps, offering richer, more contextually layered narratives.

Please note that this workshop is intended for Stanford affiliates, only. You must have an active SUNetID to access the resources for this workshop.