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Walk the Labyrinth at MemChu

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Walk the Labyrinth at MemChu

Wednesday, December 13, 2023
9am to 4pm PT

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Memorial Church
450 Jane Stanford Way, Building. 500, Stanford, CA 94305
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The labyrinth is an ancient pattern found in many cultures around the world. Labyrinth designs were found on poetry, tables, and tiles that date back as far as 5000 years.

The looping, spiraling walking path rolled out onto the Stanford Memorial Church chancel every week is based on the 12th-century stone labyrinth installed in the floor of the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Chartres, France. The rhythm and simplicity of following a single path can quiet the mind, restore balance, facilitate meditation, encourage prayer, insight and celebration.

Note: Labyrinth walkers are asked to remove their shoes while on the labyrinth. 

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