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This event is over.

Establish a community with the Stanford Learning Lab!

Event Details:

Take a break from your studies and join us for WanderChat. Be partnered with one or two other people and rove anywhere you choose around campus to think and talk about your ways of learning. Use optional discovery questions to spark the conversation and negotiate new pathways.

We meet at 3 PM at the bench to the right when you're facing the entrance of 563 Salvatierra Walk.  We will depart for wandering at 3:05 PM. Roam for 40 minutes and reconvene if you wish at 3:45 at the same bench. You may be partnered with a student or with Aillie McKeever, a Learning Specialist who loves to explore and talk about learning.

If you're interested in learning more about our resources and events, visit our website 

Please register for WanderChat via the website below. For more information, contact event facilitator Aillie McKeever, Program Director of LLIT, at