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Wildland Fire Seminar Series -- Eric Bear & Thule Horton: NFTs to fund fire prevention, forest stewardship, and land back

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Over 100 million acres of land across the West need conservation, stewardship, and restoration work to reduce wildfire risk, improve forest health, and increase climate resilience. A lack of funding prevents land-management organizations and tribes from growing stewardship and climate resilience efforts to scale in acreage and impact. Yet there currently exists no decentralized, low-barrier-to-entry investment mechanisms for laypersons to collectively impact these lands. Although Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have unique potential to meet climate and conservation goals, the environmental and web3 worlds have yet to meaningfully collaborate. Moreover, the web3 space suffers from a lack of mission-driven climate impact projects and indigenous representation, insulating investors from real people with honed expertise tending to the land. Above all, this takes relational, collaborative partnership to orient the Stanford and Bay Area environmentalist communities toward indigenous leadership in wildfire resilience & land stewardship. 

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