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Window, Mirror, Map - Making Art for Joy and Self-Care (July 10 - 24)

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Event Details:

Discover how to build community and connection through engaging in a self-reflective creative process. In this 3-session online class, we will explore ways of making art for joy and self-care. Our three projects will be linked by a progressive process of warming up, using elements of what we already have, and approaching “art” as “arranging” and “seeing” the world in new ways. By embracing simplicity, mindful awareness, and spontaneity, we will reclaim the joy that can nourish and replenish us.

The three sessions will each focus on a different way of becoming present with this moment in our lives. Window invites you to see what’s in front of you. Mirror invites you to notice how you’re seeing yourself right now. Map invites you to zoom out and see from a bird’s eye view, gaining a new perspective and perhaps seeing a new way forward. You will walk away with a framework you can use any time to reconnect with yourself through the creative process.

All levels of experience are welcome! Beginner’s mind is helpful. This class will be generative and stimulating for novices, professionals, as well as those who believe they “can’t” make art. The sessions will be a combination of lecture, demonstration, hands-on practice, and connection with fellow participants. You will be asked to engage in some “scavenger hunting” for materials and inspiration between class sessions.

A basic list of materials will be provided with your registration confirmation.

This class will not be recorded. Attendance requirement for incentive points - all 3 sessions.

Request disability accommodations and access info.

Instructor: Lisa Chu, MD, is a multidisciplinary artist, performance creator, and SoulBodyMind life coach. She enjoys encouraging people of all ages to recognize and explore their own creative potential, which she herself has explored through research and practice at the intersection of expressive arts and healing for the past decade and performing arts and teaching for the past three decades.

Class details are subject to change.