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Wintertime Mindset: Norwegian Strategies for Enjoying Winter

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What can Norway teach us about how to not just survive the winter, but to thrive during winter?

The Wintertime Mindset Webinar is an interactive, research-based workshop developed and delivered by Stanford health psychologist Kari Leibowitz to help individuals cultivate a mindset for loving winter. In the webinar, participants will learn about how mindsets play a powerful role in health and well-being, and how to harness their mindset to enjoy the winter season. To translate these insights into action, participants will be guided through a series of interactive exercises to help them cultivate a more positive wintertime mindset, combined with specific suggestions to support well-being in any season.

This webinar combines Kari's experience living above the Arctic Circle in Tromsø, Norway with her PhD researching the power of mindset to provide evidence-based, psychological insights for well-being. Shedding light on how a small shift in mindset can make a big difference, Kari provides concrete strategies for learning to see winter as a time of joy and opportunity.

Kari Leibowitz, Health Psychologist

Kari Leibowitz is a health psychologist who researches the influence of mindsets on health and well-being. Leibowitz received a PhD in social psychology from Stanford, where she worked in the Stanford Mind & Body Lab. She has served as a US-Norway Fulbright Fellow and as the program coordinator for the Emory-Tibet Partnership. Her writing has appeared in The Atlantic and The New York Times.