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Workshop for the Book Manuscript "Searching for 'Postwar' Asia"

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Event Details:

Join us for a three-hour workshop dedicated to soliciting feedback on the manuscript titled Searching for ‘Postwar” Asia. Searching for ‘Postwar Asia’ seeks to challenge portrayals of Asia’s past as a pathological anomaly or as a theater of Cold War politics dominated by protagonists outside of the region by offering an alternative framework for understanding the entanglement of war and peace in Asia over the past century. It explores the continuum between war and revolution, brutalism and liberalism, cruelty and inequality, and migration and forcible displacement to think the nature of violence afresh, in a fashion that gives its regional modalities and vicissitudes in the Global South an epistemic space equal to its universal presence and European formulae. (*Breakfast will be served from 8:40 am). Image:  "Human (1982) by Hwang Yongyeop.

This event is free and open to the public. Please RSVP here.

Three distinguished discussants will analyze and critique the three papers, offering comments and insights to improve the manuscript.


Paper Presentations

Yumi Moon (History, Stanford):

Revolution, Freedom, and the Discourse of Violence in US-Occupied Korea,1945-1950

Robert D. Crews (History, Stanford)

The Afghan Maelstrom

Aishwary Kumar (History, Cal Poly Pomona)

What is Political Cruelty? Babri as a Democratic Paradigm.



Peter B. Zinoman (History, UC Berkeley)

Haiyan Lee (East Asian Languages and Cultures, Stanford)

Keven Y. Kim (History, UCLA)