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TAPS Capstone | TheaterLab Presents "Yakuman Chance"

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Event Details:

TAPS Senior Jayda Alvarez debuts her Capstone — an original play "Yakuman Chance" — with Stanford Theater Lab in the Nitery Theater in Old Union

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PON! In high school, Christina, Brianna, Piper and Olivia were inseparable. But that was years ago, and since then each girl has taken her own path. Tonight, they're all back in their hometown, Chula Vista, CA, to play one last game of mahjong before the school year starts—tomorrow, their paths must diverge again. Between debates about life, privilege and happiness; walks down memory lane and musings about the future, they ask questions they wouldn’t dare ask anyone else: Is it bad to make fun of babies? Do you ever orgasm when you pee? And would you still love me if I was the Unabomber? Sincere, playful and sisterly, Yakuman Chance gives a glimpse inside the most exclusive of clubs: the gab circle.

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