MFA Documentary Film Spring Screening

Sponsored by Department of Art & Art History


Tuesday, June 12, 2007
7:30 pm – 10:00 pm
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Annenberg Auditorium

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Eight MFA Documentary Film Graduates to screen their films. A Q & A with the audience will immediately follow and a reception afterward. Brief descriptions of the films are listed below (not necessarily to be screened in the order listed): "The Legend of Rosalie" by Nick Berger is a film about the little desert community of Slab City, more than 200 feet below sea level where a beautiful and bubbly woman has built a library out of salvaged objects. "Daughterhood" by Evan Briggs is a portrait of the filmmaker's sister. As she anticipates the birth of twins, she revisits the circumstances of her first pregnancy and considers her own role as a daughter in the face of motherhood. "Looking for 150" by Emmanuel Dayan profiles, Jeffrey, a sperm donor, who lives in a RV on Venice Beach, and, the first of his daughters, Ryann, to have met him. "A Portrait of the Poet as a Young Dog" by Kelcey Edwards is a film about San Francisco poet, August Kleinzahler, with a unique view of his life in the city...as a dog. "The Champ" by Peter Jordan features 17-year old, Fatima, who after getting into one too many fights at school finds the one place where she can punch people as hard as she wants where nobody will complain, the boxing ring. This film is not just a story about fighting, but a story about life. "B for Break" by John Kane is a story about five-year old, Vashaun, an emerging b-boy (breakdancer). Encouraged by his father and a community of dancers, he strives to progress in this challenging, magnetic art form. "Keeping Time" by May Lin Au Yong presents a reflection on a mother's resolute love as she confronts the fragile promise of life through the eyes of her son. It is a quiet film about finding an anchor in the uncertainties of everyday life. "Aging in Fantasy Land" by Tim O'Hara features a single senior citizen, Felicia Elizondo, who faces the reality of aging alone. Felicia's limited income has left her with little more than what she plans to use toward her burial. Despite losing touch with her family, Felicia remains positive about the future and hopes to be available for others who are in a similar position.

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