How Can I Help?

Life is always challenging, and offers many occasions on which people struggling with problems seek help from colleagues, family and friends. Perhaps you're the colleague whom people see as empathic, the manager whose team members seek your advice on personal issues, the person whom friends approach because you “seem to have it all figured out”. You're not a professional counselor, nor should you try to fill that role. But there are some tools that you can use when wondering “How can I help?” This 2-session class will focus on the importance of listening to clarify what your friend is seeking. We'll discuss the use of empathy, respect and genuineness as you talk with a friend in distress. We'll consider how you can help a family member to strategize about using available resources and seeking professional help. We'll emphasize that you are not there to solve the problem or to “fix” the situation. You can choose whether to help or not to help, and you can set realistic limits on your role.

Instructor: Anna Ranieri, MBA, PhD, is in private practice as a career counselor and psychotherapist, she also provides executive coaching and teambuilding in organizations.

Date and Time:
Ongoing every week from February 3, 2010 through February 10, 2010.  12:00 PM.
Approximate duration of 1 hour(s).
HRP-Redwood Building, Rm T116  [Map]
General Public
Health Improvement Program
Register online at Class code: help-01. Class fee: $50. STAP/EA Funds approved.
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January 5, 2010