CANCELLED - Alternative Transportation: Isn't it time to try it one day a week?

If you've wanted to try for some time to do something other than drive your car to work, but haven't been able to quite put that desire into action, come to this class and learn an effective, gradual way to incorporate this new behavior, including solving barriers. This time we will focus on using Caltrain: the class will include a walk to the Palo Alto train station to get oriented about such things as where to pick up the train, how to park there, where to lock a bike there, how to read the schedule, which side of the tracks to be on, where to find Marguerite, etc. These things can be important for some commuters to know about before ever taking the train to work when in a hurry. The walk and orientation will be a way to demonstrate the increased exercise this form of transportation involves, and will be a pleasant after-work stroll. We will meet outside in front of Hoover Pavilion, near the fountain, have a short discussion about the topic at a nearby picnic table, and then take our walk. We will return to campus after that and have new information with which to motivate ourselves.

The payoffs of AT are multiple—less stress, more exercise, less pollution and CO2, less money spent (in fact, Stanford will pay you up to $220/year), and more satisfaction from making a difference!

Instructor: Jane Rothstein, Coordinator of HIP Environmental Behavior Change (with support from Stanford's Transportation Demand Management Coordinator, Sue-Ellen Atkinson).

Date and Time:
 Wednesday, July 7, 2010.  5:15 PM.
Approximate duration of 1.5 hour(s).
The outside entrance to Hoover Pavilion (field trip to train station)  [Map]
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July 7, 2010