The Climate Chronicles

The Climate Chronicles is an ensemble created dance/theater work that narrates the story of a team of questionably qualified American climatologists and bureaucrats as they return from one international conference on climate change in Japan only to begin preparations for another in Spain. The work raucously unpacks the culture and behavior of the scientific, diplomatic, and activist communities that have formed around this growing social crisis. Using the lab, the airport and the conference hall as dramatic backdrop, the scientists untangle and re-tangle themselves in the ridiculous web of climate bureaucracy.

Through their travails we delve into the worlds of each character as they crumble under pressure and their personal lives seep into the professional bubble. Spontaneous book clubs meet on the conference room floor; a lab director's emotional connection to gambling transforms a late night meeting into a support group; the study of beaver populations devolves into a Mel Gibson fan club. What we are left with is not just a display of global crisis red tape, but a search to find the meaning of how and why we meet and gather.

Donovan & Calderón appropriate the surreal and absurd elements of everyday life using them as raw material for new performance work. This allows them to challenge their own theatrical conventions while reflecting on social and political responsibilities as part of a global community. They have collaborated previously on the bi-lingual site specific performance, Se Vende in Panama City, Panama as part of the FAE Festival, as well as performances at Galapagos Art Space and The Brooklyn Arts Exchange. The Climate Chronicles marks their first evening length collaboration in New York.

Other The Climate Chronicles events include a workshop open to Stanford students as well as an Artists Salon for Stanford undergraduates. For details on these events or to RSVP, please visit

Ongoing every day from October 28, 2011 through October 29, 2011. 8:00 PM.
Nitery Theater in The Old Union (Map)
General Public
Department of Drama, Stanford Institute for Creativity and the Arts, Residential Education

General Admission Tickets $5 at
Please note that this performance space does not allow for late seating.


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