Knowledge and Belief: 25th Anniversary Conference and Reunion

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Friday, October 14, 2005
1:00 pm –
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Stanford Humanities Center

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The relationship between knowledge and belief is contested ground. Some would argue that what we call knowledge is a form of belief: that knowledge should be given no privileged position. Others would argue that belief is subordinate to knowledge and should be subjected to critique from what is known. Alongside epistemological and political questions about knowledge and belief, the renewed power of religion in our own time also raises questions about the relationship of knowledge and belief historically.

While some scholars separate the objects of belief and knowledge into discrete domains, protected by category, language game, or contest from one another, there are no commonly accepted norms for adjudication among these positions that currently operate in either the academic or the wider public sphere. This interdisciplinary conference encourages participants to seek common ground for discussion but also to explore the diverse valences at which the terms knowledge and belief operate in different disciplines.

This conference welcomes discussion of how we arrived at this contested place and what it means. In the tradition of the Stanford Humanities Center, the conference offers a context that transcends the boundaries of specialization, time and place.

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This conference is also to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Stanford Humanities Center. All conference sessions free and open to the public, but the meals and reunion and social events are limited to former fellows.

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All sessions free and open to the public. Meals and social events limited to former fellows and their families.

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