Center for Population Health Sciences | Seminar Series: Liam JB Hill, University of Leeds

Sponsored by Center for Population Health Sciences


Monday, June 11, 2018
12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
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FSI, Encina Hall, Philippines Conference Room C330
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The Born in Bradford (BiB) Longitudinal Birth Cohort

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Born in Bradford (BiB) is a longitudinal multi-ethnic birth cohort study set-up to examine the impact of environmental, psychological and genetic factors on maternal and child health and wellbeing. Based in the city of Bradford in the North of England, the cohort began in 2007 an an effort to better understand the causes of the high levels, compared to national norms, of infant mortality and child ill-health observed within the local population. Between 2007-2010 12,450 pregnant women were recruited at 26-28 weeks gestation (mean age 27), resulting in a cohort of 13,773 pregnancies and 13,858 children that have since been periodically followed-up through a series of data-collection sweeps, some of these sweeps involving the whole cohort, others targeting particular sub-groups of interest.

This presentation, given by Dr Liam JB Hill (a collaborator in the study since 2012), aims to give a summary of the history of Bradford and, more specifically, Born in Bradford, before focusing on giving a detailed overview of the wealth of data available on the BiB cohort. 

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