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Corporate Social Responsibility --- 2019 Ideal Village Conference at Stanford

Sponsored by Department of Pediatrics/Palliative Care & Critical Care Medicine


Tuesday, June 25, 2019
08:00 am – 07:00 pm
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Koret-Taube Conference Center, Gunn-SIEPR Building, 366 Galvez Street, Stanford CA
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4th Annual Ideal Village Conference at Stanford, June 25, 2019

Theme: Corporate Social Responsibility

To co-create “Ideal Villages” where all the essential needs of underserved or rural communities in Healthcare, Education, Energy, Water & Sanitation, and Sustained Livelihoods/Entrepreneurship are fulfilled thru the application of affordable and effective solutions - giving due consideration to eco-sustainability and self-reliance,  with the active involvement of local community stakeholders.

The 2019 Ideal Village Conference will examine “Corporate Social Responsibility" or CSR-funded efforts to address essential needs of rural and underserved urban communities, to help reduce global poverty and social disparities.  For example, India has mandated 2% of corporate profits to be directed to CSR for developing the villages located around factories and businesses.

The 4th Annual Ideal Village Conference will serve as a forum for corporate leaders, social and academic experts, NGOs, impact investors, startups and others to share and discuss their CSR initiatives related to: Healthcare & Nutrition, Education & Connectivity, Water, Energy & Sanitation, Livelihoods & Entrepreneurship.  Expert panels and keynote speakers will share their vision, experiences, innovative ideas, successes and lession learned in CSR. Working groups will focus on developing holistic CSR action plans for implementation by corporates and NGO partners with defined, measurable outcomes.  

This year’s conference will: a) Highlight/showcase the most impactful CSR activities in N. America, India, Europe, Africa; b) Promote CSR funding for ongoing development projects including Ideal Village initiatives; c) Enable collaboration between different CSR scaling efforts;  d) Discuss how Government policy can influence CSR impact  in light of India’s 2% corporate funding model.

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