The System Transformation Masterclass: Scale and Leadership

September 24, 2018 – September 28, 2018

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ChangeLabs at Stanford University

The "Leading with Systems Acupuncture" Masterclass will be offered as two integrated modules: 
(A) Designing the Scale Advantage & (B) Mastering Systems Leadership

The upcoming Masterclass “Leading with System Acupuncture”will give you the ability to harness the element of scale, and lead teams through increasing complexity and rapid change. In this two-module set:

  • “Designing the Scale Advantage” will give you insights and principles for imparting scale deep in your strategies and organizations.
  • “Mastering Systems Leadership” will equip you with new frameworks and mindsets that will give your organization the capacity to reduce critical risks and unlock massive market opportunities in an era of increasing complexity.

Designing the Scale Advantage: September Mon 24 - Tue 25

Why do some businesses, strategies, products, initiatives, never achieve scale? 

In most cases, it is because they were not designed with scale in their DNA. Rather than leaving scale to a downstream phase, our approach creates the pre-conditions for scale, and then bakes in the propensity for scale early in the strategy phase.
Designing the Scale Advantage covers frameworks, principles, and mindsets for designing the scale advantage into your organizations, leadership teams, strategies, and initiatives with ready tools to maximize your organization's ability to make impact and unlock scaled opportunities. This 2-day hands-on module focuses on topics that help you develop scaling strategies for your initiatives, products, and organization.

Mastering Systems Leadership: September Thu 27 - Fri 28

What are the key capacities that a leader needs so that their organization can thrive in the 21st century? 

Systems Leadership is a leadership capacity that circumvents the profound limitations of the current leadership models that are simply not suited for the increasing complexity and change of our era. Leaders of the 21st century need to have the confidence and capacity to navigate their organizations and teams through increasingly dynamic, complex, and rapidly changing challenges. Not playing the systems game creates a massive risk on two fronts (a) a risk of being disrupted or made irrelevant, and (b) the risk of not spotting massive opportunities for system change and market creation. Thus, two key capacities that leaders of the 21st century need are:

  • to respond to rapidly changing futures, and
  • to envision a desired future and innovate practical yet transformative pathways towards achieving it.

Mastering Systems Leadership covers key mindsets and tools that an avant-garde leader need to navigate complex systems to arrive at leveraged intervention designs while building an ecosystem that fosters agility and innovation.

Monday, Sep 24, 2018 9:00 AM
Thursday, Sep 27, 2018 5:00 PM
Old Union Clubhouse Ballroom at Stanford University Map

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