CyberWork and the American Dream - Film Screening

Sponsored by Hoover Institution


Tuesday, May 7, 2019
5:00 pm – 7:00 pm
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Hauck Auditorium, David and Joan Traitel Building
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Are robots coming for our jobs? Artificial intelligence is here, and it's already faster, more efficient, and cheaper than human labor. In a world where humans themselves are quickly becoming outdated, does the American dream of "getting ahead" remain an attainable goal, or turn into a lofty fantasy? How can humanity solve the impending workforce disruption as we stand on the cusp of a Fourth Industrial Revolution powered by A.I.?

In "CyberWork and the American Dream", a new 56-minute documentary sponsored by Microsoft, a look at the past gives hope for the future: Throughout history, new technology has always caused problems in labor markets, and humanity always finds innovative ways to persevere. 

Join Astro Teller (captain of Moonshots, X), Sid Espinosa (senior director of philanthropy and civic engagement at Microsoft and former Palo Alto Mayor), John Cochrane (Hoover Senior Fellow), James Shelley (Director), Elizabeth Cobbs (Hoover Senior Fellow) and Aron Tesfair (Stanford Senior Class President) at a free screening and panel discussion on A.I. and the future of work.

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