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Democracy Matters: How the Pandemic is Changing the Economy

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Tuesday, September 29, 2020
12:30 pm – 1:50 pm
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Speakers for 9/29: Ran Abramitzky

Susan Athey — Incentives and Investment in COVID-19 Vaccines

Nick Bloom — The Future of Working from Home

Rebecca Diamond — The Benefits to Preventing another Foreclosure Wave - Evidence from the

Great Recession

Darrell Duffie — Financial Markets and Economic Policy in a Pandemic

Recorded Event: https://youtu.be/H29u_3vSm98

Should the U.S. close its border to immigrants? What are the ramifications of income inequality? How has COVID-19 changed life as we know it?  Why are Americans so politically polarized? How can we address racial injustice?

As the 2020 election approaches, faculty members from across Stanford will explore and examine some of the biggest challenges facing society today. Each week will be dedicated to a different topic, ranging from health care and the economy to racial injustice and challenges to democracy.

Faculty with expertise in philosophy, economics, law, political science, psychology, medicine, history, and more will come together for lively conversations about the issues not only shaping this election season but also the nation and world at large.

There will also be Q&A following the initial discussion.

The webinar will be recorded and the link to the video shared on this event page.

9/15: https://events.stanford.edu/events/886/88695/

Recorded Event 9/15: https://youtu.be/uJ8ZRLF_l_I

9/22: https://events.stanford.edu/events/886/88698/

Recorded Event 9/22: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=02-KmI1wniM

10/06: https://events.stanford.edu/events/886/88699/

10/13: https://events.stanford.edu/events/887/88701/

Recorded Event 10/13: https://youtu.be/BL6NL2qKtns

10/20: https://events.stanford.edu/events/887/88702/

Recorded Event 10/20: https://youtu.be/0Fj8L_AiBZc

10/27: https://events.stanford.edu/events/887/88703/

11/10: https://events.stanford.edu/events/887/88704/

11/17: https://events.stanford.edu/events/887/88705/