The Impresario-Producers: Mozart Meets Mel Brooks

Sponsored by Department of Music


February 26, 2021 – March 26, 2021
Happening every day.
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We are thrilled to present a video production of The Impresario-Producers, a mashup of Mozart’s The Impresario and songs from Mel Brooks’s The Producers performed by Stanford students, faculty, alumni, and staff, as well as community members.

The Impresario-Producers can be viewed here during February 26-March 26.

Donations will be greatly appreciated to defray event expenses that would normally be covered by ticket sales. You can donate by credit card at Make a Gift. To direct your donation to this project, select “School of Humanities and Sciences” and “Dept or Program (specify below)" in the first two form fields at Make a Gift and add the following text in the third field: "Dept of Music: The Impresario Producers (HAJTX)”.

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Mel Books photo: By Towpilot - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

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