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Stanford Neurosciences Building

290 Jane Stanford Way, Stanford, CA 94305
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Stanford Neurosciences Building

The Stanford Neurosciences Building serves as the intellectual hub for Wu Tsai Neuro. The labs are designed to be highly flexible, accommodating a wide variety of research approaches including cell and molecular biology, electrophysiology and behavior, imaging and microscopy, human neuroscience and engineering, and theoretical and computational neuroscience. In the heart of the Stanford Neurosciences Building is the Theory Center — with physical and visual connectivity to the rest of the labs, and a mezzanine level designed to draw experimentalists and human neuroscientists in for conversation and collaboration.

Several key neuroscience community labs are planned for the research complex. The neuroscience microscopy service and the gene virus and vector core will be located on site, along with the newly formed neuroscience human brain organogenesis lab. New community labs will be launched when the facility is complete: a human neuroscience lab and a neuroengineering sandbox lab. There will be procedure rooms for behavior experiments and an imaging center is planned to accommodate MRI and PET-CT instruments.

The interdisciplinary neurosciences PhD program administration will have their offices in the center, including a space where graduate students in the program can work and mingle 24/7. Finally, the administrative team for the Wu Tsai Neurosciences Institute will reside in the complex, welcoming the Stanford community to visit, explore, and interact.

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